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            New trade blocs, changing free trade agreements and the rise of protectionist trade policies continue to create trade risks and opportunities. But constant change doesn’t have to mean ongoing disruption.

            Webinar on Canadian Countermeasures to U.S. Steel Tariffs now available – Click here to download.Now is the time to take control

            Businesses that foresee risks and capitalize on opportunities maintain an advantage over those that don’t. With our unique depth and breadth of expertise in international supply chains, we can find cost savings and efficiencies in your supply chain because we look where others don’t.

            NAFTA has been renegotiated into the yet-to-be-ratified USMCA, which will impose changes on automotive Rules of Origin, intellectual property, e-commerce and more. Is your business prepared for the changes to come?

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            The U.S.-China Trade War has been gradually escalating, increasing landed costs and disrupting supply chains. Are you considering contingencies in the event of a prolonged trade dispute?

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            Anti-dumping and countervailing duties have been imposed recently by the US Department of Commerce on a number of industries. Have you considered what it would mean if your industry were next?

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            Brexit talks continue between the EU and UK, which could destabilize trade routes between the UK, EU and North America. Have you evaluated how it will it affect your trade lanes and total landed costs?

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            New trade agreements that dramatically alter the trade landscape are opening up critical markets. Have you considered the opportunities for your business?

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            Automated Commercial Environment and Single Window Initiative are being executed by US and Canadian customs agencies. Is your business ready to benefit?

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            A 360-degree View

            When it comes to trade, Livingston’s team of experts offers a clinical, 360-degree evaluation of your supply chain:

            • Duty minimization & drawback
            • Customs compliance
            • Trade-lane evaluation
            • Freight forwarding
            • International supply chain optimization
            • Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
            • Regulatory policy analysis

            We take a collaborative approach to making your supply chain cost-effective and bulletproof by calling upon specialists in each area of international trade to closely examine all aspects of your supply chain and how each affects the other.

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            Our clients say it best.

            In the ever-changing world of global trade, the only constant is change. The only path forward is to embrace and adapt to change. At Livingston, our focus is to help clients understand regulatory change and implications on global trade. Trade with confidence in this new normal of on-going change with Livingston’s team of global trade experts at your side.

            HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?

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            HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?

            Getting a quote is easy. Simply tell us what you want, and a Livingston representative will be in contact to advise you on the most efficient way to accomplish your requirements. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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