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            Contact Us

            Contact Sales

            CALL 1-800-837-1063

            Other Contacts

            General Inquiries

            Media Inquiries
            Dan Ovsey
            1-800-387-7582 / ext. 13088

            Career Opportunities

            Contact Client Services

            Shipping to the USA FAQs
            Shipping to Canada FAQs

            U.S. Customs Brokerage
            Call 1-855-225-5548

            Canadian Customs Brokerage
            Call 1-855-225-5544

            U.S. Freight Forwarding

            Canada Freight Forwarding

            Vehicle Transportation
            Call 1-800-282-9892

            Business Process Services
            Call 1-877-661-0663

            Insight¨ and TradeSphere¨ technical support
            Call 1-800-291-7993

            Live shipment tracking

            Need to track the status of a live shipment?
            Call 1-866-548-7277 or check the status online.

            General contacts for carriers

            Need to send documents to Livingston to clear a shipment?

            Shipments bound to Canada
            (U.S. to Canada)
            Fax: 1-866-548-4685
            Email: cdnimports@livingstonintl.com

            Carrier coversheet

            Shipments bound to the U.S.
            (Canada to the U.S.)
            Fax: 1-877-548-7277
            Email: usimports@livingstonintl.com

            Carrier coversheet

            Not a border shipment?
            Just give us a call to determine which office should be receiving your documents.

            Remember, inquiries regarding live shipments must be made by calling 1-866-548-7277 or contacting one of our local offices directly.

            7X24 Emergency Support for Clients

            Canadian Brokerage

            Western Canada
            Call 1-604-538-1144

            Prairie Region
            Call 1-403-344-3810

            Ontario and Eastern Canada
            Call 1-905-262-4262

            French Canada
            Call 1-450-246-3894

            U.S. Brokerage

            Buffalo (Tonawanda)
            Call 1-716-692-3100

            Detroit (Taylor)
            Call 1-734-941-2050

            Service Locations Find a service location near you.

            No matter your location or the size and scope of your business, Livingston has you covered. We have over 100 offices located at key border points, sea ports, airports and other strategic locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Far East. Download our complete office and location directory to find the location that best meets your needs.

            Looking for more information? Have a question about your current services?

            Clients of Livingston can call on their dedicated service representatives at anytime, with questions about their account. However, if you're unsure whom to contact, call us at one the numbers below. Our representatives will be happy to help you.

            Head Office U.S.

            Tel. 1-312-516-4100 440 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 3220 Chicago, IL 60605

            Head Office Canada

            Tel. 1-416-626-2800 405 The West Mall, Suite 400 Toronto, Ontario, M9C 5K7
            Download Livingston Locations List.
            The complete locations list as a single PDF.